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Gavin is a PhD researcher based at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Growing up in some of the most deprived areas of Glasgow, I was no stranger to crime and violence as a youth. My early experiences undoubtedly shaped and influenced my research interests as an adult, where I find of late, that my social life and work life has become almost inseparable.

In my spare time, I work alongside some of the youth in areas such as Govanhill and Pollok, as I try to provide a positive figure in their life. However, my research focus is Neds and Ned Culture (Glasgow circa 1995-2008) through an oral history of emotions and trauma. Alongside semi-structured interviews, I consider the emergence (and almost cyclical nature) of Ned Culture; the material conditions through which the culture came to exist; the systemic violence and oppression the youth face within these poor and marginalised communities; and how such youth expressed themselves in response to this, and the micro-interactions within the group.

Recent Publications: 

Brewis, G. (2023) The Kenmure Street protests: A community against the state, published in Theory & Struggle, Vol 124, Number 1. https://doi.org/10.3828/theory.2023.12 



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