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Suzie is a critical heritage scholar with a particular interest in heritage crime.

Recent publications

Thomas, Suzie, and Pieterjan Deckers. “‘And now they have taken over’: hobbyist and professional archaeologist encounters with the material heritage of the First World War in western Belgium.” International Journal of Heritage Studies (2021): 1-15. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13527258.2020.1858142

Hyvönen, Eero, Heikki Rantala, Esko Ikkala, Mikko Koho, Jouni Tuominen, Babatunde Anafi, Suzie Thomas et al. “Citizen science archaeological finds on the Semantic Web: the FindSampo framework.” Antiquity 95, no. 382 (2021). https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/antiquity/article/citizen-science-archaeological-finds-on-the-semantic-web-the-findsampo-framework/61B0E68D1A00BA415D33A149C31A632F

Thomas, Suzie, and Bonnie L. Pitblado. “The dangers of conflating responsible and responsive artefact stewardship with illicit and illegal collecting.” Antiquity 94, no. 376 (2020): 1060-1067. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/antiquity/article/dangers-of-conflating-responsible-and-responsive-artefact-stewardship-with-illicit-and-illegal-collecting/EB7786816D5533D612F47F02B397D3C4




University of Antwerp


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Research Themes

Crimes of the Powerful: organised, white collar and state crime


Editorial – Portable Antiquities: Archaeology, Collecting, Metal Detecting

Metal detecting and archaeology do not always coexist peacefully. Indeed, even in the current climate of participation and inclusion within […]


Archaeologists and metal-detector users in England and Wales: past, present and future

This chapter explores the history of the changing relationships between archaeologists and metal-detector users in England and Wales, including the […]


How STOP started: Early approaches to the metal detecting community by archaeologists and others

This chapter examines a key segment of the history of relationships between archaeologists and metal-detector users in the UK (the […]


Searching for Answers: a study of metal-detector users in the UK

The relationships between archaeologists and metal-detector users are often more complex than is realised, partly because little has been published […]


The extent of crime and anti-social behaviour facing designated heritage assets

Heritage crime has been defined as any offence which harms the value of England’s heritage assets and their settings to […]


Introducing ISGAP: Standards and Guidance in Archaeological Practice

Brief update on English Heritage funded development by the author of Introduction to Standards and Guidance in Archaeological Practice (http://www.isgap.org.uk/).


Book review: Heritage and Community Engagement: Collaboration or Contestation? by E. Waterton and S. Watson

Review of E. Waterton and S. Watson (2011), Heritage and Community Engagement: Collaboration or Contestation?, London: Routledge.

Book review: The values of community archaeology by F. Simpson

Review of F. Simpson (2010), The values of community archaeology, Oxford: Archaeopress.


Nighthawks and Dayhawks

Brief paper from the Institute for Archaeology’s magazine The Archaeologist, archive available atwww.archaeologists.net/publications/archaeologist. Discussion of illegal metal detecting in the UK.


Generation next: community archaeology and the future

Review of session at the Institute for Archaeologists’ annual conference, Southport, 2010.

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