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Stephanie is currently a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Northumbria University.

She is a former Lecturer in Criminology at Edinburgh Napier University where she taught victimology and a number of other topics on both the BA criminology and the MSc in Applied criminology and forensic Psychology. Prior to beginning at Napier, Stephanie completed a British Academy Post-Doctoral fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, where she also completed her PhD.

Stephanie’s research surrounds victims of crime, and is primarily concerned with issues surrounding victim labelling, psychological responses to victimisation, and (non)involvement with the criminal justice system. Other emerging areas of interest include vicarious or secondary trauma and post-traumatic growth.

Keywords: Victim, victim services and victim rights, trauma, reporting, criminal justice

Relevant Publications

  • Reporting as Risk: the dangers of criminal justice for survivors of sexual violence, Fohring, S. 22 Jul 2020, Preventing sexual violence, Bristol, Policy Press
  • The Risks and Rewards of Researching Victims of Crime, Fohring, S. 1 May 2020, In: Methodological Innovations
  • Revisiting the Non-ideal Victim, Fohring, S. 2018, Values in Victimology: Revisiting the ‘Ideal Victim’ Thesis, Bristol, Policy Press
  • What’s in a word? Victims on ‘victim’, Fohring, S. 1 May 2018, In: International Review of Victimology



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