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Sarah lectures on the Teaching Qualification in Further Education programme at the University of Stirling, where many of Scotland’s prison educators gain their teaching qualification.

She was previously Offender Learning Lecturer with New College Lanarkshire at HMP Barlinnie.

Research interests include prison education; vocational training and employability for ex-offenders; the professional development of those who deliver learning in prisons and outside communities; policy development and governance in relation to learning in prisons and links with communities; theorising of education

Sarah’s research to date has focussed upon critical approaches to the theory and practice of adult literacies education and the professional development of adult educators. She is a member of the National Strategic Forum for Adult Learning working group on professional learning.

Keywords: Prison education, offender learning, prison learning and skills strategy, ex-offenders and employability, Further Education and vocational training

Research outputs

Galloway, S (2015), Recognition for Adult Educators (REAL) Competency Framework Scotland), Stirling School of Education, Stirling, retrieved from http://www.realrpl.eu/media/real-rpl/REAL%20Competencies%20Scotland.pdf

Galloway, S (2015), Recognition for Adult Educators (REAL) Toolkit (Scotland), Stirling School of Education, Stirling. Retrieved from http://www.realrpl.eu/media/real-rpl/REAL%20Toolkit%20Scotland.pdf

Peer-reviewed conference papers

Galloway, S and Howie, J 2015, ‘Ways to recognising what adult educators learn’, in Proceedings of the 44nd Annual SCUTREA Conference’, ed L Fraser, University of Leeds, Leeds



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