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After fifteen years as an architect, I took an independent path for developing experimental projects between art, anthropology, education (in academic and non-academic contexts) inspired by my passion for running marathons and its educational potential through the idea of the wall (of the marathoner) as limit.

As an anthropologist (PhD 2019) and Feldenkrais teacher (somatic educational method) I work with vulnerable people in educational as well as in marginal contexts such as prison. I have used the focus on limit to illuminate topics of public debate (such as freedom, self and subjectivity, education, health, environment and death) and have recently been part of the ESRC-Care in funerals research project as Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen.

In March 2023 I founded Runforever a non-profit organisation promoting educational projects (based on marathon running and the Feldenkrais method® – awareness through movement) fostering paths for humanising health care within prison environment and the community including addressing issues of reoffending and stigmatization by interpreting a running club as a bridge between inside and outside the prison.

Runforever offers small actions participating in wider systemic change.

Recent Publications:

Maccagno P. & Pinniger D., 2024 (forthcoming) Upstream and downstream: A Conversation on Limit as Education through running in prison and kayaking along rivers. In: J. P. Laurens Loovers & C. Gatt, eds. Beyond Perception: Correspondences with the Work of Tim Ingold. London and New York: Routledge
Maccagno P., 2024, (forthcoming) Unlearning the straight line. Prison education as a way for humanizing prison care. Societies Special Issue “Contesting and Contested Prison Education as an Approach to Rehabilitative Agendas: Critical Perspectives on the Nature and Philosophy of Education”. Maccagno, P., 2019, Through these walls. Steps to an anthropology of the limit. Aberdeen University-PhD Anthropology
Maccagno, P., 2016. Through these walls. Like the wind, 10, pp. 33-35
Maccagno, P., 2015. Running walls: the performance of the limit in prison. Scottish Journal of Performance, 2(2), pp. 33-59
Maccagno, P., 2015. Lungo Lento. Maratona e Pratica del Limite. Macerata: Quodlibet




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