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Oona is a Reader in Criminology at SCCJR (Glasgow).

Her research interests include police and criminal justice responses to sexual and domestic offences, victim-survivor experiences and understanding of ‘justice’, alternative forms of justice, feminist advocacy and practice, creative methodologies and forms of representation.

Recent research projects include:

– Operation Soteria/Project Bluestone: transforming the policing response to reports of rape and sexual assault in England and Wales’ (funded by Home Office).

– Justice Journeys: informing policy and practice through lived experience (funded by ESRC IAA and Scottish Government) (2018-2020). https://justicejourneysonline.com/

– Social and health impacts of COVID-19 suppression in vulnerable groups (co-lead for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence stream) (funded by the Chief Scientists Office, 2020). https://scotlandinlockdown.co.uk/

– IMPRODOVA: Improving Frontline Responses to Domestic Violence in Europe (funded by Horizon2020. 2018-2021). https://www.improdova.eu/

Oona is committed to advancing the policy and practice impacts of research. Justice Journeys: Survivor Stories was awarded ‘best community or public engagement’ project and the Social and health impacts of COVID-19 suppression study was shortlisted for Best Policy & Practice Collaboration by the University of Glasgow.

Oona is the founder of the University of Glasgow GBV Research Forum and a member of the Scottish Government’s Victims Taskforce.

Recent publications

Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Doing the “right thing”? Understanding why rape victim-survivors report to the police. Feminist Criminology, 15(2), pp. 174-195. (doi: 10.1177/1557085119859079)

Burman, M. and Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Feminist framings of victim advocacy in criminal justice contexts. In: Tapley, J. and Davies, P. (eds.) Victimology: Research, Policy and Activism. Palgrave Macmillan: Cham, pp. 135-157. ISBN 9783030422875 (doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-42288-2_6)

Friskney, R., Brooks-Hay, O. and Burman, M. (2021) Frontline responses to domestic abuse in Scotland. In: Lobinkar, B., Vogt, C. and Kersten, J. (eds.) Improving Frontline Responses to Domestic Violence in Europe. University of Maribor University Press: Maribor, pp. 239-255. ISBN 9789612865436 (http://doi: 10.18690/978-961-286-543-6.14)



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December 2021

Delays in Trials: the implications for victim-survivors of rape and serious sexual assault: an update

In contrast to other types of crime recorded by the police in Scotland, the numbers of sexual crimes have been […]

July 2020

Delays in Trials: the implications for victim survivors of rape and serious sexual assault

Covid-19 has significantly disrupted the operation of the criminal justice system in Scotland and elsewhere, causing considerable strain to the […]

August 2019

Justice Journeys Informing policy and practice through lived experience of victim‐survivors of rape and serious sexual assault

This report documents the journeys of the victim-survivors interviewed as they navigated the Scottish criminal justice system. It begins with […]

February 2018

‘Home game’: domestic abuse and football

Increased reports of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) following football matches have been documented, within both quantitative studies and the […]

January 2018

Evaluation of the Rape Crisis Scotland National Advocacy Project, Final Report 2018

Oona Brooks-Hay, Michele Burman,  Lisa Bradley and Deborah Kyle This is the final report detailing findings from the evaluation of […]

January 2018

Evaluation of the Rape Crisis Scotland National Advocacy Project Summary Report Jan 2018

There has been increased attention paid to sexual violence by both the UK and Scottish Government, amidst a context in […]

January 2017

Reporting rape: victim perspectives on advocacy support in the criminal justice process

Concerns about the criminal justice response to rape have prompted the development of victim advocacy services. This article draws upon […]


Dual reports of domestic abuse made to the police in Scotland: A summary of findings from a pilot research study

This research summary highlights findings from a pilot study that used Scottish police data to undertake exploratory analysis of ‘dual […]


Evaluation of Support to Report Pilot Advocacy Service: Summary Report

This summary report details the findings of an evaluation of the Support to Report (S2R) pilot advocacy service. The service […]

Football and Domestic Abuse: A Literature Review

Tackling domestic abuse is a key priority for the Scottish Government and its partners. There is evidence of a correlation […]

4th December 2023

Bluestone Soteria

Embedding procedural justice for victim-survivors into police responses to sexual violence   This three year project aims to improve how police […]

14th March 2023

Exploring Survivor Views on Sentencing for Rape and Sexual Assault

Dr Oona Brooks-Hay (PI) and Professor Michele Burman (Co-I) (University of Glasgow) have been awarded funding from the Scottish Courts […]

23rd May 2022

Digital Communications as Evidence in Adult Sexual Offence Applications to the CCRC

Research Team:  Prof Michele Burman, Dr Oona Brooks-Hay and Dr Ellen Daly (all SCCJR, Glasgow), Dr Yassin Bringer (Queens University […]

3rd December 2020

Scotland in Lockdown

The “Health and social impacts of Covid-19 in Scotland” study aims to understand how the response to Covid-19 including lockdown […]

20th November 2018


IMPRODOVA is a 36-month European Commission funded research and innovation project which is focused on the human factors shaping institutional […]

20th June 2018

Justice Journeys: Informing policy and practice through lived experience

The principal focus of this research is on rape and sexual assault victim-survivors’ end-to-end experiences of the criminal justice system. […]

5th June 2017

Parenting for Respectability

A parenting programme for the early prevention of gender-based violence is being developed and evaluated in Uganda. This project, supported […]

5th June 2016

Evaluation of Rape Crisis Scotland’s National Advocacy Project

The Rape Crisis Scotland National Advocacy Project (NAP) was introduced to provide advocacy support for survivors of sexual crimes engaging, […]

10th September 2014

Evaluation of the Police Scotland/Rape Crisis Scotland ‘Support to Report’ Pilot Advocacy Service

The primary purpose of the research is to evaluate the Support to Report pilot project in relation to its intended […]

7th December 2020

Survivors of Sexual Assault and Rape Find their Voice in Powerful New Project

15th August 2020

New Paper Unveils Impact of Court Delays on Victim-Survivors of Serious Sexual


12th May 2020

Gender Based Violence in a Pandemic

29th April 2020

New research project to investigate impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable groups

22nd August 2019

Victim-Survivors of rape don’t feel justice has been met, even if the accused goes to prison

12th November 2018

Scotland to form part of major European study into institutional responses to domestic abuse

23rd May 2018

Victim-survivors of rape and sexual assault will inform new research from SCCJR.

1st March 2018

National project provides ‘life-changing’ advocacy work to victims of sexual violence

7th May 2015

Support scheme for rape victims is praised in evaluation report

Video Available

Advancing Procedural Justice Theory and Practice in Police Responses to Sexual Violence in England and Wales

25th February 2022