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Niall joined SCCJR in 2007 with his appointment to a Criminology post at the University of Stirling.

He previously worked in government, primarily working on policing research projects. Niall’s recent research activity has centred on the local impacts of organised crime, on aspects of justice in adapting to climate change and related environmental challenges, and research into the policing of hate crime and related public disorder.

Niall has also worked with colleagues in SCCJR, the Scottish Government, and in the Scottish police service on a range of projects that have aimed to develop methodologies, both for better assessing and mapping organised crime threats, as well as for evaluating subsequent law enforcement responses. Niall is an associate director of SCCJR, as well as being an associate of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research.

Recent publications

Clark A, Fraser A & Hamilton-Smith N (2021) Correction to: Networked territorialism: the routes and roots of organised crime (Trends in Organized Crime, (2020), 10.1007/s12117-020-09393-9). Trends in Organized Crime, 24 (2), pp. 263-264. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12117-021-09405-2

Clark A, Fraser A & Hamilton-Smith N (2021) Networked territorialism: the routes and roots of organised crime. Trends in Organized Crime, 24 (2), pp. 246-262. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12117-020-09393-9

Hamilton-Smith N, McBride M & Atkinson C (2021) Lights, camera, provocation? Exploring experiences of surveillance in the policing of Scottish football. Policing and Society, 31 (2), pp. 179-194. https://doi.org/10.1080/10439463.2019.1696800



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Crimes of the Powerful: organised, white collar and state crime

April 2022

Criminal Grades? Contract cheating and student exploitation in Higher Education

Recent reports in the UK media highlight that students in higher education are increasingly outsourcing their assignments to third-party service […]

June 2018

Community experiences of serious organised crime: Summary findings

This research was commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the community experiences of serious organised crime ( SOC) in […]


Organised Crime in Scotland


An evaluation of section 1 of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012

A multi-method research study evaluated the implementation and impact of new powers introduced in Section 1 of the Offensive Behaviour at Football […]

June 2012

A Report on Child Trafficking and Care Provision: Towards Better Survivor Care

The aim of this review is to examine the most effective models of care and support for children who arrive […]


Measuring Police Impact on Organised Crime: Performance Management and Harm Reduction

Purpose – This paper aims to analyse and critique common performance indicators for the policing of organised crime, and to […]


Anticipated Consequences: Developing a Strategy for the Targeted Measurement of Displacement and Diffusion of Benefits

This paper examines how displacement and diffusion of benefits can be measured within the context of crime reduction project evaluations. Attempts to […]


The Geometry of Shadows: a Critical Review of Organised Crime Risk Assessments

This article reports on a research project that aimed to review existing law enforcement approaches to assessing the risk posed […]


Determining identity and nationality in local policing

The study involved an examination of practices for checking the nationality and migrant status of arrestees in a sample of […]

21st June 2018

The Scottish Prisons Commission: Ten Years On

In July 2008 The Scottish Prisons Commission (also known as the McLeish Commission) published its report Scotland’s Choice. This report […]

22nd July 2015

A Systematic Review of Police Interventions against Serious Organised Crime

This research project is being undertaken as one of the work packages included in a series coordinated by the What […]

10th December 2014

The Governance of Security and the Analysis of Risk for Sporting Mega Events

Overview In July, 2014 Glasgow played host to the Commonwealth Games (G2014), the largest event ever hosted by Scotland.   Large-scale international sporting events, like the […]

4th February 2011

Public procurement processes and resillience against infiltration of organized crime

Ongoing.  A collaborative project being undertaken with the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcment Agency with the support of the Scottish […]

13th August 2010

Football Banning Orders in Scotland: Evaluating their operation

SCCJR is leading a team evaluating Football Banning Orders in Scotland.  The research was commissioned by the Scottish Government and […]

24th May 2010

Policing organised crime: effectively measuring performance

SCCJR was commissioned by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) to help them review their existing performance indicators. […]

25th May 2008

Organised Crime Mapping Project

Simon Mackenzie and Niall Hamilton-Smith worked in collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency […]

13th February 2024

SCCJR Funding Announcement

22nd June 2022

‘Essay Mills’ Pose Serious Risk to Scottish Universities

14th May 2019

SCCJR’s Niall Hamilton-Smith contributes to BBC story on serious organised crime

4th June 2018

Community’s Most Vulnerable Exploited by Serious Organised Crime Groups

21st October 2015

SCCJR contributes to Crime, Justice and Society in Scotland