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Mojca is a research associate at the Institute of Criminology and an assistant professor in Criminology and Criminal law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. Her research focuses on the topics of punishment, sentencing, and decision-making in criminal justice. She is an active member of the wider European research community and regularly contributes to improving the Slovenian criminal justice system in practice.

Recent Publications

VAN WINGERDEN, Sigrid, MIHELJ PLESNIČAR, Mojca. (2021, upcoming). AI and sentencing: Humans against the machine. In J. Ryberg & J. V. Roberts (Eds.), Sentencing and Artificial Intelligence. Oxford University Press. https://global.oup.com/academic/product/sentencing-and-artificial-intelligence-9780197539538?cc=si&lang=en&#

MIHELJ PLESNIČAR, Mojca, ŠARF, Pika. ‘This Web Page Should Not Exist’: A Case Study of Online Shaming in Slovenia. V: TROTTIER, Daniel (ur.), GABDULHAKOV, Rashid (ur.), HUANG, Qian (ur.). Introducing Vigilant Audiences, Cambridge: OpenBook Publishers, 2020. Str. 187-214. DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0200. https://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/1151

MIHELJ PLESNIČAR, Mojca, KUKAVICA, Jaka. Punishing the alien : the sentencing of foreign offenders in Slovenia. Dve domovini : razprave o izseljenstvu. [Tiskana izd.]. 2019, [št.] 49, str. 27-50, graf. prikazi. ISSN 0353-6777. DOI: 10.3986/dd.v0i49.7252. https://ojs.zrc-sazu.si/twohomelands/article/view/7252



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