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Milena Tripkovic joined Edinburgh Law School in 2019 as a Lecturer in Criminology, having previously taught at the University of Birmingham, University of Kent and University of Novi Sad.

Milena has researched various problems associated with crime and punishment. Her current research, which examines contemporary restrictions to citizenship rights of criminal offenders, is situated at the intersection of law, criminology and normative political theory and explores the issues of punishment, citizenship and community.

Her recent book Punishment and Citizenship: A Theory of Criminal Disenfranchisement (Oxford University Press, 2019) is an original account of the normative validity of restrictions to electoral rights of criminal offenders, which shifts the debate from penal theory towards more fundamental problems of citizenship and belonging. The book is part of OUP’s most prestigious criminal law series, Studies in Penal Theory and Philosophy.

Milena has previously researched and published on topics such as prison conditions and prisoner rights, restorative and transitional justice, hate crimes and problems associated with crime and punishment of female offenders. Her publications have appeared in journals such as British Journal of Criminology, Punishment and Society and Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.



Edinburgh Law School/University of Edinburgh


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Penalities Across Boundaries Workshop: Milena Tripkovic

15th June 2023



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Teaching Criminology: The Human Element

29th June 2023

13:00 BST