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Margaret’s work aims to challenge carceral and punitive responses to ‘crime’ and to work towards collective action for change.

Publication topics include gender and justice; crime, critique and utopia; communities of recovery; and state responses to human trafficking. Ongoing work and research interests focus on Transformative Justice and Abolitionism; Mutual aid and community engagement; Gender and the Criminal Legal System, Confronting Criminalising Processes and Practices; Exploitation and Responses to ‘Human Trafficking’: constructing ‘problems’ and policy responses; Creating and sustaining ‘communities of recovery’.

Recent publications

‘Collective Endeavours: Finding Community, Love and Hope’, Critical and Radical Social Work, Volume 9, Number 3, November 2021, pp. 421-436(16) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1332/204986020X15945756402768

‘Rethinking Punitive Paternalism: Abolitionism, the personal and political’ (2020) in M. Coyle and D. Scott, The Routledge International Handbook of Penal abolition, Routledge https://www.routledge.com/The-Routledge-International-Handbook-of-Penal-Abolition/Coyle-Scott/p/book/9781138354098

‘The Complexities of Home: Young people ‘on the move’ and state responses’ (2020) Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 59:2, 158-173, https://doi.org/10.1111/hojo.12363




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September 2021

Written Evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Criminal Justice Committee

This paper was prepared by Dr Hannah Graham, University of Stirling, Dr Steve Kirkwood, University of Edinburgh, Professor Margaret Malloch, […]

September 2018

Review of the Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach

The Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach (PSA) has been running in Aberdeen Sheriff Court since November 2015 (for women) and since August […]

June 2017

Justice, Civic Engagement and the Public Sphere: Mapping Democratic Transformations in Scottish Society

The high level of citizen engagement which marked the 2014 Referendum in Scotland was significant. 97 percent of the population […]

February 2017

Evidence Assessment of the Impacts of the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex: A Review

During the passage of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015, the Cabinet Secretary gave a commitment to the […]

Gender and criminal justice: Challenging prejudice

Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund

The aim of this evaluation was to assess the extent to which the Public Social Partnerships model delivers effective mentoring […]

Human Trafficking: The Complexities of Exploitation


A comparison: criminalised women in Scotland Women and Criminal Justice


Discursive Detours on the Route to Justice for Women


The Elements of Effective Through-Care Part 1: International Review

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report forms Part 1 of a two-part review of the elements of effective through-care. It examines the […]

10th May 2023

Scottish Prisons Assessment and Review of Outcomes for Women (SPAROW)

SPAROW – Scottish Prisons Assessment and Review of Outcomes for Women is an evaluation of the new Community Custody Units (CCUs) […]

26th September 2018

Concepts of Community: Exploring ‘Community’ in Theory, Policy and Practice Imaginaries

In this SCCJR funded project, researchers are exploring and developing concepts of community and how these are used in research, […]

21st June 2018

The Scottish Prisons Commission: Ten Years On

In July 2008 The Scottish Prisons Commission (also known as the McLeish Commission) published its report Scotland’s Choice. This report […]

24th May 2010

Services for Young Runaways: A Scoping Study

This scoping study for the Scottish Coalition for Young Runaways was undertaken to examine responses to young people in Scotland […]

21st May 2010

Understanding the drivers of the female prison population in Scotland

SCCJR are undertaking some analysis aimed at identifying factors that may have contributed to the increased use of female imprisonment […]

27th April 2010

Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA or Circles) have been operating in Canada and England for several years. Following a […]

31st March 2010

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Home Detention Curfew (HDC) and the Prison’s Open Estate

The Scottish Government has contracted with SCCJR to evaluate the effectiveness of these two schemes of graduated release from prisons. […]

11th March 2010

Evaluation of the Women in Focus Programme

The Women in Focus Programme is aimed at reducing the number of women imprisoned from the South West Scotland Community […]

11th March 2010

Women, Punishment and Community Sanctions – Human Rights and Social Justice

The core objective of the programme will be to draw upon international knowledge and expertise to critically assess cross cultural […]

11th March 2010

Evaluation of the Grampian Return Home Welfare Interview (RHWI) pilot

This evaluation examines the operation of Grampian Police RHWI pilot in two pilot areas.  The RHWI has been introduced to […]

13th February 2024

SCCJR Funding Announcement


13th April 2022

The Odyssey of the new policy: Reflections on the UK’s Nationality and Borders Bill ( Part 1)

14th October 2020

Stirling child trafficking experts publish research

19th October 2019

Multi-million pound award for domestic abuse research

15th February 2016

Mentoring helps cut reoffending, SCCJR researchers find

SCCJR Symposium: Imagined Futures and Utopian Methods

3rd May 2022


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