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Lee John Curley graduated with his PhD in juror decision making in June, 2018.

He is currently a Lecturer in Applied Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University.

His research interests include forensic cognition, legal psychology and decision science.

During his academic career, Lee has accrued an impressive publication record, written for the press (e.g., The Conversation), been written about by the press (e.g., The Telegraph and the Times), been interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Five Live, presented his research at international conferences, secured external funding (e.g., The Leverhulme Trust and the British Academy) and been invited to discuss his research with respected institutions (e.g., Faculty of Advocates, the British Medical Association, and the Scottish Criminal Bar Association). In 2023, he was even invited to join a discussion on jurors at the House of Lords.


Recent Publications:

  • Curley, L. J. & Peddie, N. (to be published 2024). The strengths and limitations of the experimental study of juror and jury decision making. In N. Monaghan (Ed), Challenges in the Jury System: UK Juries in Comparative Perspective. Oxford: Routledge.
  • Neuhaus, T., & Curley, L.J. (to be published 2024). Corporate Colonization, Geopolitical Power Struggles, and Hypernudge – How Social Media Engineers Minds. In C. Shei & J. Schnell (Eds), Oxford: Routledge Handbook of Language and Mind Engineering. Oxford: Routledge.
  • Jackson, E., Curley, L. J., Leverick, F., & Lages, M. (2024). The Effect of Verdict System on Juror Decisions: A Quantitative Meta-Analysis. Journal of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.
  • Curley, L.J., & Neuhaus, T. (2024). Are legal experts better at making decisions than laypersons? A psychological evaluation of the role of juries in the 21st century. Journal of Criminal Psychology.
  • Neuhaus, T., & Curley, L.J. (2023). An Interdisciplinary Re-Perspectivation of the Study of Heuristics, Biases, and Nudges. New Trends in Social and Liberal Sciences, 8 (2), 10-27.
  • Curley, L. J. (2023). Juror decision making: the good, the rational, and the biased. In A. Strathie & L. Lazard (Eds.), D120 Encountering Psychology in Context. Oxford: Oxford University Press/Milton Keynes: The Open University.




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