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Ellen’s interdisciplinary PhD research focused on criminal justice responses to sexual violence, specifically exploring how gender, social class, age, and mental health influenced courtroom narratives in rape and sexual assault trials (including child sexual abuse).

Her research interests and expertise further extend to public and institutional responses to sexual violence, including education and prevention work.

Ellen has worked on a number of research projects engaging with victim-survivors, criminal justice practitioners, support practitioners, and the public on the topic of sexual violence. These projects included an evaluation of independent legal representation for rape complainants in North East England, an examination of state compensation for rape complainants, and surveying public opinions on ‘rape justice’.

Currently, Ellen is working alongside SCCJR members Prof Michele Burman and Dr Oona Brooks-Hay on a project that explores digital communications as evidence in adult sexual offence applications (in collaboration with the Criminal Cases Review Commission).


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Daly, E., (2021). Making new meanings: the entextualisation of digital communications evidence in English sexual offences trials. Crime, Media, Culture [online first]. https://doi.org/10.1177/17416590211048251

Daly, E., Smith, O., Bows, H., Brown, J., Chalmers, J., Cowan, S., Horvath, M., Leverick, F., Lovett, J., Munro, V., and Willmott, D. (2022). Myths about Myths? A Commentary on Thomas (2020) and the Question of Jury Rape Myth Acceptance. Journal of Gender-Based Violence [online first]. https://doi.org/10.1332/239868021X16371459419254

Smith, O., Daly, E., Herriott, C., & Willmott, D., (2022). State Compensation as Rape Justice: Are Public Attitudes a Legitimate Foundation for Reform of the UK’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme? Journal of Gender Based Violence, 6(1), pp.79-97. https://doi.org/10.1332/239868020X16057277095797



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23rd May 2022

Digital Communications as Evidence in Adult Sexual Offence Applications to the CCRC

Research Team:  Prof Michele Burman, Dr Oona Brooks-Hay and Dr Ellen Daly (all SCCJR, Glasgow), Dr Yassin Bringer (Queens University […]

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