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Working Title of PhD:  Public perceptions of criminal law and justice in Abuja, Nigeria.

Year commenced PhD study: 2015

Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow

Funding Source: Tedfund (Nigerian Government)

Full or part-time: Full- Time.

PhD Supervisors: Dr Sarah Armstrong and Dr Andrew Smith

Many professional, scholars and social groups in some parts of Nigerian societies have criticized existing criminal laws and criminal sanctions as irrelevant and ineffective in bringing orderliness in the society resulting from weak Criminal Justice System (CJS). The actual nature and extent of these views have remained on the level of assumption for long in Nigeria. The objective of this study is to found out the public opinion on the criminal laws and sanctions in Jos metropolis, Plateau state, Nigeria. Research problem of this study are to found out the level of public acceptance of criminal laws and sanctions on property crimes, violent crimes and drugs crimes. To further investigate the public opinion on the kind of criminal laws preferred and punishment for these criminal offences.

The study will employ the following qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection; Survey method (structured interviews) will be employed to elicit response from the judicial officers and members of the public.  In-depth Interview (IDI) will enable key informant to give detail analysis and historical background to issues relating to fairness and harshness of the criminal laws and criminal sanctions.  Response will be required on policies, principles and practices that underlie the perception of the public on state laws on violent crime, property crime and drug crime. In addition, response on the effect of criminal sanctions on survey offences mentioned above will be obtained. Documentary analysis will explore documents such as journals, articles and records bearing on the research problem.

Keywords: Criminal Laws and Criminal Sanctions, Violent Crime and Property Crime.

List of relevant publications: Understanding public attitude to criminal justice; Criminology and criminal justice system in Nigeria; Sociological analysis of ethnic violence in Jos.



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