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Working title of PhD: Understanding the environment of the night time economy: women’s experiences of night time spaces

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Full or Part-time: Full-time

Year commenced: 2023

PhD Supervisors: Anna Souhami (Edinburgh) and Alistair Fraser (Glasgow)

Funding: Edinburgh Law School funded


Exploring the affective atmospheres of clubbing and the night time economy. This research will contribute to developing criminological understandings of the NTE in two ways. First, it will focus in particular on the experiences of young women within the night-time economy, exploring how these go beyond victimisation. Secondly, it will expand understandings of the NTE through a study of the rural as well as the urban context, to explore if, and how, the different wider environmental context of the NTE shapes how it is understood and experienced by those within it.

Keywords: Gender, atmospheres, clubbing



University of Edinburgh

Research Themes

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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