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My primary area of research focuses on the experiences of youth who have been victimised, as well as youth who have been exposed to violence or the justice system in their school, home, or community. To-date, my research has examined racial and ethnic differences in fear of violence among youth and assessed the extent to which these fear differentials are mediated by school factors. In my role as a Criminology research fellow at Edinburgh Law School, I will examine the public health implications of policing and imprisonment using linked administrative data.

Recent Publications: 

  • Kurpiel, A. (2023). Biased Bullying Victimization and Student Wellbeing: Evidence From a Coarsened Exact Matching Analysis. Crime & Delinquency, 00111287231207391.
  • Kurpiel, A., & Albanese, A. (2023). The Noncitizen Penalty in US Federal Courts: Differences in Punishment by Region of Citizenship. Sociological Perspectives, 07311214231180482.
  • Kurpiel, A., Hullenaar, K. L., & Ruback, R. B. (2023). Racial and ethnic differences in the fear-victimization gap at school: an examination of school context and trends over time. Journal of interpersonal violence, 38(3-4), 2534-2565.



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