11th August 2009

Youth Offending and Youth Justice – Edited by Monica Barry and Fergus McNeill

How is the modern world shaping young people and youth crime? What

impact is this having on the latest policies and practice? Are current youth

justice services working? With contributions from leading researchers in

the field, this book offers an insightful, scholarly and critical analysis of

such key issues.

Youth Offending and Youth Justice engages constructively with current policy

and practice debates, tackling issues such as the criminalisation and

penalisation of youth, sentencer decision-making, the incarceration of young people and the role of public opinion.

It also features an applied focus on professional practice.

Drawing on a wide range of high-quality research, this book will enrich the work of practitioners, managers,

policy-makers, students and academics in social work, youth work, criminal justice and youth justice in the UK and



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Young People and Youth Justice