14th October 2020

A team of experts from the University of Stirling commissioned by the Scottish Government to research the professional response to child trafficking in Scotland has published its research.

The study, which was led by social work lecturer Dr Paul Rigby and released ahead of Anti-Slavery Day, explores victims’ experiences and sets out a series of recommendations to ensure children are identified and protected.

The research team included Professor Jane Callaghan, Director of the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, Margaret Malloch, Professor of Criminology with the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, and Research Assistant, Tanya Beetham.

For the first time, the academics analysed case files over a one-year period and interviewed young people identified as victims and professionals involved. No UK nationals were identified during the case file analysis and so the focus of the research was on children and young people who came to the UK across international borders.

To read the full press release and find out more about the report findings please visit the University of Stirling’s website. https://www.stir.ac.uk/news/2020/october-2020-news/stirling-child-trafficking-experts-publish-research/

Young People and Youth Justice