10th November 2015

Distant Voices EP coverDistant Voices, the creative partnership between the SCCJR and charity Vox Liminis, has produced a studio EP, Distant Voices: Silent Seconds, featuring five songs written collaboratively with people in prison.

The release was launched on Monday at the closing event of the first Distant Voices Festival at the CCA in Glasgow – a gig featuring songwriters Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow), Emma Pollock, Andrew Howie, Donna Maciocia, Lucy Cathcart Froden, Richy Carey and Ross Clark (Three Blind Wolves).

The music is the product of Vox Sessions workshop, in which the musicians worked with prisoners, former prisoners, criminal justice social workers, criminologists and a prison officer, producing more than 100 songs.

The EP has already earned the praise of Deacon Blue singer Ricky Ross, who said: “Listen to these songs not because it’s such a worthwhile project, though it is, but because you’ll love them. ‘Breathe Life’ will become one of these songs I’ll treasure for a long, long time.”

The EP is available via Spotify and iTunes.