1st November 2019

SCCJR has been commissioned to work on a major new report on repeat victimisation of violence by the Scottish Government.

The extensive 16-month research project will be led by Dr Susan Batchelor and assisted by Dr Caitlin Gormley as the main researcher, along with Dr Marguerite Schinkel who will conduct a secondary analysis of her Lives Sentenced study.

The research will aim to answer four main questions;
– What are the characteristics and circumstances/contexts of people who experience interpersonal repeat violence victimisation (RVV)?
– What are victim-survivors’ understandings and experiences of RVV?
– What impact does interpersonal RVV have on victim-survivors?
– What are victim-survivors’ experiences of seeking help and support with RVV?

Dr Batchelor said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this commission from the Scottish Government and look forward to making a valuable contribution to our understanding of repeat violence victimisation.

“Key to our approach will be a focus on understanding victim-survivors’ experiences within the broader context of their life trajectories and communities, paying particular attention to the overlap between RVV and other forms of social inequality. This will provide crucial information to identify and address prevention and support.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf confirmed the study will engage directly with victims of violent crime, particularly in Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities, and those facing challenges from homelessness, substance misuse or previous convictions.

Mr Yousaf, said: “This research will help police, together with local and national government to better understand the nature of repeat violence – including the role of substance misuse – and ensure we focus our efforts on those most affected by violence wherever it persists.”

The research project will publish its findings in February 2021.

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