13th February 2024

We are delighted to announce the following projects have been successful in applying for SCCJR funding for research and knowledge exchange projects.

Congratulations to all awardees and we hope that these projects will continue to inspire collaboration and innovation across the SCCJR, and with associates and partners.

GoingAFK: The criminalisation of hackers and what it means for the future of cybersecurity – Sarah Anderson, Shane Horgan, and Ben Collier.

International learning for abolitionist – Marguerite Schinkel, Martha O’Carroll, Margaret Malloch, Kirstin Anderson, Andrew M. Jefferson.

Inverness and Cromarty Green Freeport: Assessing crime and security risks – Niall Hamilton-Smith, Colin Atkinson, Richard Kjellgren and Francesca Soliman.

Letters from Prison: A Prisoners’ Play – Deborah Russo, Kirstin Anderson and Jenny Scott.

Modern Studies follow on project – Karyn Mabon, Rebecca Foster, Iga Gumulinska and Estelle Clayton

‘Pain in My Life’- digital storytelling about life affected by violence – Fern Gillon, Alistair Fraser and John Morrison.