21st October 2015

Crime Justice and Society in Scotland originalThe new book Crime, Justice and Society in Scotland features chapters by SCCJR staff on organised crime, desistance and criminal justice policy in Scotland.

The book, edited by Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro, is an edited collection of new and topical chapters that builds upon the success of 2010’s Criminal Justice in Scotland. It offers a critical overview of Scottish criminal justice and its relation to wider social inequalities and questions of social justice.

Richard Sparks has co-written (with Katrina Morrison) a chapter on ‘Research, knowledge and criminal justice policy: the Scottish experience’; Niall Hamilton-Smith and Simon Mackenzie have written (with Ben Cavanagh) on ‘Organised crime in Scotland and the criminal justice response’; and Fergus McNeill has contributed a chapter on ‘Desistance and criminal justice in Scotland’.