10th August 2016

Susan and Lesley crop

Professors Susan McVie and Lesley McAra are reviving their show Hug a Thug for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe as part of the The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

The show poses questions including:

  • Do you think the criminal justice system is a soft touch?
  • Do you think that prisons make life too easy for criminals?
  • Would you like to bring back hanging?

Profs McVie and McAra will tell the stories of a selection of prisoners, many of whom committed crimes from a young age, in a bid to challenge preconceptions about crime and punishment. Audience members will also have the chance to design their ideal prison.

The show is on Friday, August 26 from 3pm to 4pm at The Stand in the Square, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. Tickets are £8 (£6), and can be booked via OutstandingTickets.com.

Leave wanting to hug a thug, or your money back!

Young People and Youth Justice