29th February 2016

Handbook on PrisonsMembers of SCCJR have contributed chapters to the new edition of the Handbook on Prisons, edited by former SCCJR PhD student Jamie Bennett, Ben Crewe and Yvonne Jewkes.

Richard Sparks has co-written a chapter on ‘The Politics of Imprisonment’ with University of Edinburgh PhD students Jessica Bird and Louise Brangan, while Fergus McNeill and Marguerite Schinkel of the University of Glasgow have collaborated on the ‘Prisons and Desistance’ chapter.

The handbook is divided in five parts: Prisons in Context, Prison Controversies, International Perspectives on Imprisonment, The Penal Spectrum and Beyond the Prison. Bennett has also contributed a chapter, on ‘Prison Managerialism: Global change and local cultures in the working lives of prison managers’.

Click here for full details on the publisher’s website.

Criminal Justice Process and Institutions