6th January 2021

SCCJR’s Phil Crockett Thomas is among the winners of the seventh Political Economy Research Fellowship Competition awarded by the Independent Social Research Foundation’s Scholar Fellowship (ISRF).

Phil won grant funding for her project which is called ‘Prison Break: Imagining Alternatives to Prison in the UK’. It invites people variously engaged in prison abolition (activists, academics, ex-prisoners) to ‘time travel’ to a future UK in which prisons no longer exist, and to craft science-fiction about how prisons were abolished and what came after. Building on the political consensus that prison does not diminish social harm, the project uses a novel creative method, ‘fictioning’, to re-imagine prison and the future of justice in the UK.

The project argues that arts-based methods can play a vital role in re-imagining the future of prisons and more just solutions to social harm.

To learn more about Phil’s project and the other winning Fellows please visit the ISRF website. 

Punishment, Citizenship and Communities