15th February 2016

ScotGov social research crime and justice cropA team of researchers including three members of SCCJR has found strong evidence that mentoring reduces risk factors associated with offending.

Professor Gill McIvor, Dr Margaret Malloch (both University of Stirling) and Professor Fergus McNeill (University of Glasgow) worked alongside Professor Bill Whyte and Dr Steve Kirkwood (both University of Edinburgh) and a team from Ipsos MORI Scotland on the research.

They evaluated the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund, which aims to provide prolific young male offenders and women offenders with substantial one-to-one support through evidence-based mentoring schemes, and to promote strong, equal partnership working between third-sector and public-sector organisations.

They found strong evidence that mentoring helps mentees to learn constructive, non-criminal ways of addressing problems. In combination with a wider system of support, the evidence suggests that this will contribute to a reduction in reoffending in the long term.

Read the full report in our Publications section.