22nd October 2015

Learners from around the globe are taking part in a brand new online course taught by members of the Trafficking Culture team led by Dr Donna Yates.

More than 8000 people have signed up for the three-week course on Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime, which tackles the question “How do we protect our heritage from theft, illegal sale, and destruction?”

By combining cutting-edge research in the fields of criminology, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, art history, museums studies, and law, it will shed light on the grey market for stolen art.

By watching videos, reading up on case studies and taking part in a range of online activities, participants will gain a better understand of:

  • the criminal networks that engage in antiquities trafficking and art crime;
  • the harmful effects that these phenomena have on communities and society as a whole;
  • and what scholars, police, and lawmakers are doing to protect our heritage.

For full details and to sign up, visit www.futurelearn.com.


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