2nd July 2008

News release: Feasibility of Circles of Support and Accountability in Scotland


The SCCJR was commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the feasibility of running pilot Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) in Scotland. This report provides comprehensive information about a novel approach to working with high risk sex offenders and identifies the most relevant factors for initiating pilots. COSA use volunteers from the community to form a ‘circle’ around offenders, monitoring their risky behaviour and mentoring their journey towards lives free from offending. The SCCJR team reviewed the available evaluation literature, studied the biggest Circles project in England and Wales and interviewed volunteers, offenders and other stakeholders. It locates the approach of Circles within a conceptual framework on the use of volunteers in criminal justice. The report provides one of the most substantial accounts to date about Circles of Support and Accountability and will be a resource to those interested in community governance, volunteers and the voluntary sector, sexual offending, and project implementation.


The report can be downloaded at 12pm 2th July 2008 here:

Circles of Support & Accountability: Consideration of the Feasibility of Pilots in Scotland – SCCJR