29th April 2009

Crime and Policing in Scottish Society

Under Auspices of The Open University in Scotland

Stirling Management Centre,

26th September, 2009


Call for Papers:

The study of crime can tell us much about the everyday lives of people who are otherwise absent from the archives, and a study of the strategies by which communities and societies tried to prevent and control it can tell much about local as well as national values and sensibilities. This conference, sponsored by The Open University in Scotland, and organised by Ian Donnachie and Alison Brown, aims to generate discussion of all aspects of crime and policing in Scottish society and to encourage further research into the same.

Please send abstracts of papers of no more than 400 words to Dr Ian Donnachie I.Donnachie@open.ac.uk.  Proposals from postgraduate students, immediate post-doctorates and independent researchers are particularly welcomed.


Deadline for proposals: Monday 1st June, 2009


Depending on the response we will determine the length of presentations so that as many as possible can contribute. So this remains flexible for the moment.

If you are simply interested in attending please let us know and we can keep you up to date with developments.

We look forward to hearing from you and your participation in what promises to be a valuable opportunity to assess how the field has developed in Scotland and the directions it might take in future.