10th August 2011

This project ran from January – July 2011 and has involved:
• Identifying key topics and issues where new research has recently been published and has  direct relevant to policy and practice concerns
• Recruiting participants willing to be recorded talking about their recent research and contemporary crime and justice issues
• Recording, editing and producing five research soundbite recordings (a further 4 were completed prior to the C-SAP funding by the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and included in the collection)
• Recording, editing and producing three research discussion recordings
• Creating a crime and justice collection webspace – http://www.iriss.org.uk/crime-and-justice-research-collection
• Promoting the collection via direct emails, including details on newsletters, via twitter and facebook accounts of the partners
• Producing 1000 postcards promoting the crime and justice collection.  These were distributed to 180 known contacts, 20 copies were provided to all contributors to disseminate through their channels and 400 copies have been distribution to all modern studies teachers in Scotland. The remainder will be disseminated at events and meetings.
• Collating the statistics available about the number of times the collection

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Research Methods and Criminological Theory