6th January 2020

We bid a fond farewell to our friend and colleague Dr Donna Yates, University of Glasgow, who is moving on from SCCJR to join the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology in the Faculty of Law at the University of Maastricht as an Associate Professor later this month.

Donna will soon begin work on her 5-year project “Trafficking Transformations” which she was awarded  €1.5 million European Research Council starting grant to study how objects influence criminal networks, with a particular focus on objects such as antiquities, fossils, and rare and collectible wildlife. She’s interested in what draws people to these “criminogenic collectibles”, how they interact with them, and how these objects may inspire crimes.

Donna said: “My nearly 8 years at the SCCJR have been the most stimulating of my academic career: supportive and creative colleagues and brilliant students created an atmosphere where I could grow and mature as a researcher. I can’t imagine a kinder workplace.

“While the complicated issues of having EU funding in the current political climate are forcing me to leave, I hope to stay in close contact with the SCCJR and find ways to build bridges between our two institutions in the future.”

You can stay in touch with Donna via her new email address d.yates@maastrichtuniversity.nl or follow her on twitter @DrDonnaYates

We want to sincerely thank Donna for all her contributions and support to staff and students over the years and wish her and her family the very best in their move to the Netherlands.