SCCJR researchers contribute to free book on the trafficking of cultural goods

17 Dec 2015

Countering Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods

Researchers from the SCCJR’s Trafficking Culture team have contributed three chapters to a new book about antiquities trafficking published by the International Council of Museums.

Countering Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods: The Global Challenge of Protecting the World’s Heritage comprises 16 chapters and is available free online.

SCCJR research Associate Donna Yates has contributed a chapter on ‘Illicit Cultural Property from Latin America: Looting, Trafficking and Sale’; Neil Brodie, formerly a Senior Research Fellow on the Trafficking Culture project, has written about ‘The Internet Market in Antiquities’; and the project’s co-ordinator Simon Mackenzie poses the question ‘Do we need a Kimberley Process for the Illicit Antiquities Trade?’.

Among the other contributors is SCCJR associate Tess Davis, who writes about ‘The Lasting Impact of United States vs Cambodian Sculpture’.