Youth Violence Commission: Final Report Launch

This event marks the launch of the final report from the Youth Violence Commission.

About this Event

Youth Violence Commission Final Report Launch – The Final Word

The Cross-Party Parliamentary Commission on Youth Violence has its origins in a youth-led event interrogating the root causes of violence between young people. On July 16th, the Commission’s final report is being launched, and it is returning to these origins by giving a group of expert young people “the final word” on the report’s research and recommendations. After a short summary of the Commission’s work from its members, the young experts (experts by experience, research and campaigning) will reflect on the final report and will put forward a case for change grounded in its evidence.

In particular, the event will focus on:

• How the voices and experiences of young peoples can continue to inform the work of the 18 Violence Reduction Units in tackling the root causes of violence between young people

• The wide-ranging changes that are needed if we are to sustainably reduce violence in the long-term

• We will also hear from a young person who has benefited from the support of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, to learn from their experience.

To find out more about the event and to register please visit the Eventbrite page.