Youth Gangs on Film: A sense of freedom

Across the globe, the phenomenon of youth ‘gangs’ has become an important and sensitive public issue. In communities from Chicago to Rio, Capetown to London, the local realities of violent groups present complex dangers and instabilities for children and young people, and generate high levels of public fear and anger. At the same time, myths and stereotypes relating to gangs circulate through the global media of film and TV. In this way, representation and reality frequently merge and blur, making it difficult to determine fact from fiction.

During this four week evening course Peter Mullan’s film Neds acts as a platform for discussing broader representations of youth ‘gangs’ on film. Drawing together contemporaneous portrayals of gangs in Glasgow (A Sense of Freedom) with those of the United States (The Warriors) and Brazil (City of God), alongside the classic Lord of the Flies, ‘Youth Gangs on Film’ seeks to draw out parallels and contrasts in both representation and reality amongst youth ‘gangs’ in different historic, social, and cultural contexts.

Each film will be introduced and contextualised by an academic expert on the social issues raised by the film. For those taking part in the full course each screening will be followed by a seminar on the issues raised by the film. 

The course fee is £45/£35 concession, which covers film tickets and the four seminars.
 Tickets are also available for the individual films. Click here for further information.