Working Collaboratively within Partnerships

Aims:  To explore the concept and practical application of working collaboratively within
partnerships for outcomes.

Outcomes:  On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
• Identify current and emerging trends in the theoretical understanding of
collaborative partnerships.
• Consider their contribution to Single Outcome Agreements and how this could be
developed by working more collaboratively.
• Explain the drivers and benefits to developing the joint achievement of shared goals.
• Evaluate, through the use of case studies, what factors can contribute to the
success or failure of an effective collaborative partnership.
• Outline practical considerations to measure what a successful partnership will look
like and how it will make a difference.
• Focus on a key issue from a wider group perspective.
• Plan the next steps to influence or make changes to the way they work within their

Facilitators:  Professor Ross Professor Ross Deuchar, with direct input from
a range of external partners.
Sectors: police, social work and social care, youth work, schools, sport and leisure, prison service.

For further information, please contact: Fiona Gardiner, Scottish Police College Tel: 01259 732251