‘What is crime?’ event at the House of Commons

You are invited to a discussion on the new findings from the ‘What is crime?’ environmental harm and financial harm research projects, to be held on the afternoon of Wednesday, 1 July 2009 from 2pm to 4pm in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, Westminster.  The event will be hosted by the All Parliamentary Justice Unions Group.* More details of this project can be found here: www.crimeandjustice.org.uk/whatiscrime.html


Both sets of findings ask questions about how we think of ‘crime’ and its causes, what other harms there are in society that may or may not be regulated and what priorities legislators should address.


Professor Reece Walters, Open University, will present the findings of his research ‘Crime is in the Air: Air pollution, regulation and enforcement in the UK.’


This report explores the negative effects of air pollutants within a framework of ‘eco-crime’ and critically examines the existing mechanisms of air pollution control, regulation and enforcement in the UK.


Dr David Stuckler, Oxford University, will present his findings on ‘Recession and health in the European Union: Could losing your job cost you your life?’


This report tests the hypothesis that massive rises in unemployment, much of which is involuntary, are associated with rises in homicides, suicides and other stress-related conditions. While much of the previous work at the country-level has been limited to single countries, the report compares the experiences of 25 EU countries and over 700 country-years to identify whether, and under what circumstances, rises in unemployment are linked to worse health outcomes.


Places at this event will be limited so if you would like to come to the event please RSVP by 5 June 2009 to: tammy.mcgloughlin@kcl.ac.uk