Webinar: Bourdieu on the Block: Punishment, Policing and the Street

Organised by UNSW Sydney, Law 

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  • Dr Alistair Fraser, Director, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research


  • Janet Chan, Professor, UNSW Law and member of the Centre for Crime, Law and Justice


  • Luke McNamara, Co-Director, Centre for Crime, Law and Justice

Although Bourdieu wrote comparatively little on criminological matters, references to Bourdieu’s work have in the last decade gathered into a steady stream. There is a sense in which criminology, though something of a late-adopter, may be beginning to undergo its own ‘Bourdieusian moment’. In this talk, based on a recent virtual Special Issue of the journal Criminology and Criminal Justice, Dr Fraser will sketch the ‘field of reception’ into which Bourdieu’s concepts have entered. In recognizing the mutually constitutive role of structure, culture and agency in the wellspring of social action, Bourdieu creates a vocabulary for a systematic sociology of crime and criminalisation that bears further development and debate. As represented in the VSI, there are at least three tributaries that have pooled to form what we might term a putative Bourdieusian criminology: punishment, policing and the street. In elaborating these interlocking arenas of crime and justice, Alistair will draw on his own work on gangs, policing and street culture.

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