The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is celebrating it’s eightieth birthday in 2011.

To get things started, we’ll be getting visionary on 20 January. Is there really no alternative to major cuts to public spending? What kind of future will the cuts create? What are the implications for criminal justice and social justice? Is there a future to be enthusiastic about? Or should we all go home and hide under the duvet? We will be asking Baroness Vivien Stern and Professor David Nutt along with other leading practitioners, academics and campaigners to kick the discussion off by telling us what their hopes and fears are. The discussion will be chaired by the Centre’s director Richard Garside and we hope that you come along and have your say. The discussion will be followed by a reception where we will be celebrating the announcement of our new association with the Open University, about which more details will be given on the night.

DATE: Thursday 20 January 2011

VENUE: Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London, Russell Square TIME: 6pm for 6.30pm.

COST: Nothing at all but you can give us a donation if you like.

To register for the event, please email your name and organisation details to:   events@crimeandjustice.org.uk

More information can be found on our website at http://www.crimeandjustice.org.uk/opus1814.html Regards, Rebecca Roberts Senior Policy Associate Centre for Crime and Justice Studies rebecca.roberts@crimeandjustice.org.uk 2 Langley Lane, London, SW8 1GB Tel: 0207 840 6110 www.crimeandjustice.org.uk