Universities in Prison Conference: Showcasing and Interrogating Connections

9.30-17.15 (conference, Eric Liddle Centre)

17.30-19.20 (reception and film screening, Screen Academy Scotland)

University-prison partnership is a growing area of activity in the UK, the US and beyond. This conference offers a chance to learn about the activities happening in Scotland and to explore issues surrounding this. Why do universities, their staff and students pursue this work? What are some of the practical and ethical challenges? How are people in prison and prison staff involved in it and with what impacts?

The conference will feature: space for academic reflection and debate; displays and presentations showing the diverse university-led activities happening in Scotland; and the perspectives of all those involved. This conference is for anyone involved or interested in university-prison engagement.

The conference is organised by the Scottish UP Network and made possible by support from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and Edinburgh Napier University.

Register free via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/universities-in-prison-conference-tickets-56503468395

Questions: sarah.armstrong@glasgow.ac.uk  a.schwan@napier.ac.uk  p.gray@napier.ac.uk