Stories of (In)Justice? Exploring young people’s stories of youth justice

This event is organised by the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ) 

CYCJ presents a webinar with Dr Johanne Miller (University of the West of Scotland and CYCJ Associate), exploring the tensions between the small stories told by young people with experience of the justice system in comparison with the larger narrative of policy and practice of youth justice in Scotland. This will be followed by small stories of imagined justice which will share what young people across Scotland imagine justice could be.

This webinar is based on interviews and focus groups of young people from two research projects. One was with young people who have justice experience and were taking part in a structured deferred sentencing pilot and the other was with young people across Scotland who gave their opinions of the draft sentencing guidelines for young people. The data from these projects was re-analysed using Georgakopoulou’s (2005) narrative analysis short story approach.

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