Revitalising Distressed Neighbourhoods – Quantitative Evaluation Approaches

This is a lecture by George Galster, Professor of Urban Affairs, Wayne State University, USA.

Should we intervene in distressed urban neighbourhoods? If so, how will we quantitatively evaluate the performance of intervention? This lecture answers these questions in the context of American research and practice, using Richmond, Virginia’s "Neighbourhoods in Bloom" programme as a case study. There are not only equity but also efficiency rationales for intervention and the latter can be demonstrated by quantitative methods. Professor Galster will show how impacts of intervention can be assessed using his "adjusted interrupted time"model of impact evaluation.

Professor Galster has published over 100 scholarly articles and book chapters, primarily on the topics of metropolitan housing markets, racial discrimination and segregation, neighborhood dynamics, residential reinvestment, community lending and insurance patterns and urban poverty. This event has been jointly organised by AQMeN Edinburgh & Glasgow and the Scottish Housing Economics & Finance Research Network.

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