Rethinking public confidence in the criminal justice system (13 November 2008)

This timely conference explores contemporary ways of rethinking `confidence’ in the Criminal Justice System and will introduce a range of alternative perspectives on how `confidence’ may be conceptualised, measured and applied to questions of criminal justice, to a target audience of professionals and policy-makers responsible for developing national, regional and local strategies for improving levels of public confidence. 

It will be of interest to all stakeholders working at the coalface of the delivery of public service agreements which centre on the enhancement of public confidence in the effectiveness and fairness of the Criminal Justice System.

 The one-day event is based on a format of paper presentations which showcase ground-breaking work in the area of public understandings of and engagement with criminal justice matters.  The presentations will act as a springboard for practioner-led involvement in workshops and roundtable discussions.

The event is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and is supported by the Newcastle Institute for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

 Speakers and contributors will include: Betsy Stanko, Rod Jarman, Martin Innes, Stephen Farrall, Dan Gilling, Martina Feilzer, Elaine Campbell, Liz Turner

 Further details, enquiries, travel and accommodation information, and online booking can be found at: