Procedural Justice in Policing: Insights, Complexities and Future Priorities

Event organised and funded by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) and the British Society of Criminology

This free one-day symposium brings together policing researchers and practitioners to share insights from research and practitioner enquiry on procedural justice in policing. Recent emphasis on the need for ethical, rights-based approaches to policing, and the recognition that procedurally fair treatment can enhance perceptions of police legitimacy, means values such as fairness, integrity and respect have become embedded in the code of ethics of most contemporary police forces. However, the extent to and ways in which these values are routinely upheld, the complexities involved in upholding them and how well they are received by those who come into contact with law enforcement is less clear.

The insights shared in this symposium will enable researchers and practitioners to reflect on some of the challenges associated with operationalising and upholding procedural justice in practice and the potential dichotomy between policy promises and policy products on the ground (Fyfe, 2016). By sharing insights from international research and from more local accounts of practice ‘on the ground’ , delegates will gain an enhanced understanding of how best to enable procedural justice rhetoric to become reality and to ensure that rights-based policing comes more to the forefront of practice in the years to come.

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