Myths and Misinformation about Women and Girls in Courts and Court Reports

Speaker: Dr Jessica Taylor, FRSA, PhD, Specialist in Victim Blaming, Self-Blame and Recovery from Sexual Violence.

Join Dr Jessica Taylor in exploring how the criminal justice system and Family Courts blame and pathologise women and girls who have been subjected to violence and abuse.

– Discuss how the structures, laws, techniques and procedures used in the investigation and prosecution of sexual offenses frequently blames the victim rather than the perpetrator.

– Understand why sexual offenses are the least reported crime.

– Review the research showing how sexual and domestic violence trials are heavily biased against women and girls.

– Learn ways to support women and girls who have been subjected to violence but are treated as the offender by the Courts as their character and behaviour are scrutinised.

This free online event will specifically address victim blaming endemic in the Courts and will be delivered for anyone in the legal profession.