Measuring Justice: Justice Sector Evaluation & Human Rights (Ireland)


PurposeMeasuring justice is a priority for a wide range of individuals and institutions. It is central to enhancing good governance including rule of law, combating corruption, addressing impunity and building effective, accountable justice sector reform.

The purpose of this IHRN conference is to facilitate the pooling of evaluation experience, to identify best practice and lessons for the future, with particular reference to measuring human rights impact.

FormatThe day will combine plenary panel discussions with sub-group sessions on selected themes. Discussion will be facilitated by an IHRN concept paper circulated  in advance.

TopicsPlenary discussions and sub-group sessions will explore a range of topics in light of the interface between best practice evaluation and human rights based approaches.

Abstracts are invited for sub-group discussions (to a maximum of 500 words) in areas such as the following:


Case studies (potentially transferable lessons from from economically developed/developing country contexts; as well as conflict/transitional justice contexts) Institution-specific evaluation (such as police, prosecution, judiciary, corrections) & sectoral approaches Methodologies & tools (qualitiative/ quantitative benchmarks & indicators, Log Frame Analysis, relationship between sector evaluation & monitoring/oversight functions) Cross-cutting issues (access to justice, gender, corruption, juvenile justice, evaluation ethics)Abstracts should be sent to by Monday 30 March 2009 with a completed registration form (available for download below). 

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