Justice for children who have been involved with organised armed violence in Colombia – Tove Nyberg

This event is part of the Crime, Justice and Society seminars which are co-hosted by the Criminal Law and Criminology subject areas of Edinburgh Law School and are open to all.


Ms Tove Nyberg will discuss her qualitative, socio-legal case study on state responses to children who have been involved with local armed organisations in Colombia. The presentation will centre around a part of the analysis on definitional paradoxes in relation to armed violence and groups, an expanding transitional justice framework, and drivers of change within the youth justice system. Tove’s work unpacks the state responses in form of punitive (youth) justice measures and contrasts them with the restorative victim-centred programs that are available for children who have been part of armed groups recognised as parties to armed conflict in Colombia. This is done through an interview study with judicial actors, policy-makers, and experts from international and national organisations complemented with observations and a document analysis.

Seminars are open and do not require registration