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SCCJR » Judges & Judging: Public Confidence and the Legitimacy of Law

Judges & Judging: Public Confidence and the Legitimacy of Law

The legitimacy of the law depends on public confidence in judges and the work of the courts.  Yet across the English-speaking world, levels of public confidence in the judiciary have been dwindling. How can and should public confidence be restored? And how should the pressure for greater ‘efficiency’ and ‘accountability’ of the courts be reconciled with the meaning of principles such as judicial impartiality, independence, and neutrality? 

Professor Sharyn Roach Anleu will explore these and other questions based on findings from a major programme of judicial research.  Prof Roach Anleu is co-director of The Judicial Research Project at Flinders University Australia along with Prof Kathy Mack.  For more than a decade the project has undertaken extensive empirical research into the attitudes, perceptions and everyday work of the Australian judiciary. The lecture will address key policy questions pertinent well beyond Australian shores.  

Professor Roach Anleu’s lecture is entitled ‘Judges & Judging: Public Confidence and the Legitimacy of Law’

Sheriff Tom Welsh QC, Director of Judicial Studies, will chair the lecture and discussion with the floor

Refreshments from 5.30pm. Lecture begins at 6pm prompt.

Venue:  Court-Senate Suite Lecture Theatre, Collins Building, University of Strathclyde 


To book your place please Email: carol.hutton@strath.ac.uk