Inside Barlinnie: the first 24 hours

Wednesday 25 February, 7.30 pm
  Inside Barlinnie: the first 24 hours
  Dr Andrew McLellan Chief Inspector of Prisons, former Church of Scotland  minister, prison chaplain, Convener of Church and Nation Committee (1992-96), and Moderator (2000). Until last month Jim has never been in court before – like most people. Today he arrives at Glasgow Sheriff Court – the busiest court in Europe – to be sentenced. What will he find?  Very few people have seen the underground rooms in any Sheriff Court. These are where prisoners are held before and after trial. Still fewer people have been in an escort van, taking a convicted person to prison. Not many have seen the inside of a prison. This illustrated talk will follow Jim from the entrance to the Sheriff Court, all the way through to his first day in Barlinnie. This will raise important issues about the conditions and treatment of prisoners, and problems of prisons today.


held at the John Anderson Lecture Theatre at Strahtclyde University.

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  The Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow
   PO Box  NAT 8268, Glasgow  G46 7BR