Illegal Drugs and Public Corruption: Crack Based Evidence from California – Babak Jahanshahi

*The Crime, Justice and Society seminars are co-hosted by the Criminal Law and Criminology subject areas of Edinburgh Law School.

It has been suggested that the arrival of crack cocaine to the United States in the 1980s was responsible for the significant increase in drug related deaths and crime rates in low income and inner-city neighbourhoods, but can drug markets initiate a vicious cycle that results in more institutionalized corruption and thus pose a further important problem for society?

Dr Babak Jahanshahi will discuss and introduce the synthetic control method (SCM) which according to Athey and Imbens (2017) is the most important innovation in the policy evaluation literature over the last 15 years. He will show how he and colleagues applied SCM to estimate the causal effect of drug markets on public corruption in California.

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