HLS Drummond Hunter Lecture: Professor Nick Hardwick (University of London)

HARD CASES: How should we manage prisoners whose offences and behaviour we abhor?

The Howard League of Scotland’s Drummond Hunter Memorial Lecture features Nick Hardwick, the former Head of the Parole Board of England & Wales as well as former Chief Inspector of Prisons. It is easy for prison reformers to focus on that part of the prison population who are serving short sentences for relatively minor offences (although that is not to underestimate the harm these may cause) and/or those whose multiple disadvantages – mental health problems, abuse and trauma for example – explain if not excuse their offence. But what about those prisoners who have committed offences we abhor or whose behaviour in prison continues to cause harm both behind the walls and in the outside community? This lecture will use lessons from recent controversies in the prison and parole systems in England and Wales to discuss how human rights standards should apply to these prisoners while they are in prison and consider the ethical and practical challenges in deciding whether they can be released on parole. Chaired by SCCJR Director, Sarah Armstrong.

This will be a ticketed event, though will be free to HLS members.
non-members £5
student non-members £1.50
Pre-booking is required. Tickets are available via Ticketsource

LOCATION: This event will he held in central Edinburgh, West Court Room in the ECA Main Building, Lauriston Place
TIME: 17.30