David Garland: Roots of Injustice: The Structural Sources of America’s Penal State

Organised by Seattle University Crime and Justice Research Center Continuing Education

Speaker:  Professor David Garland is the author of Punishment and Modern Society, The Culture of Control, The Peculiar Institution, America’s Death Penalty, Mass Imprisonment, The Welfare State, Punishment & Welfare.

In this talk, Professor David Garland will explain the distinctive social structures that underpin both of these historical moments, showing how America’s political economy and welfare state generate criminal violence and related social problems while limiting the range of policy responses available to deal with them. America’s exceptional levels of violence and racialized penal control are shown to be two sides of the same social condition: deep inequality and a lack of social solidarity. Welfare state institutions, when they are universalistic and egalitarian, supply these vital social bonds. They provide citizens with security, they form interests in common, they build mutual trust, and they promote the “public interest” – in contrast to meritocracy and competitive markets which do precisely the opposite.

By repeatedly choosing the market over the social state, America’s elites have enriched themselves while simultaneously reinforcing insecurity, inequality, resentments, and mutual distrust. The result is a nation that is able to embrace mass incarceration because millions of its own citizens are, in fact, distrusted and despised by majority sentiment.

Time: 9am-5pm (PST) 5pm – 1am (GMT)

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